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Colombia is the country of the herps (amphibians & reptiles), with 814 and 599 species respectively. Colombia occupies the second and third place with the greatest diversity of these groups in the world. Thanks to the adaptation of herps to the huge amount of environments in the country, we find an enormous and wonderful diversity of colors, forms, behaviors and lifestyles of this amazing kind of wildlife. Come with us, know them and help us to conserve them.


Colombia is a birder’s paradise waiting to be discovered! Its incredible natural diversity is a direct result of its varied biogeography and its equatorial location at the junction of South and Central America. Regardless of size, Colombia holds almost 20% of all birds in the planet (1,944 species, with new species still being discovered). Colombia is rightfully considered to be one of the greatest birding destinations in the world.

Sport Fishing

Colombia has two oceans, the Atlantic and Pacific, copious hydrological resources and more than 3500 species of fish (freshwater and marine). Because of this, Colombia is a very interesting place to engage in sport fishing.

The tours offered by Nature Colombia take place in the company of expert guides. It’s possible to capture specimens of great value such as the payara, the yellow catfish (Pimelodus maculatus) or the Sardinata (Brycon moorei), among others.


Why travel with Nature Colombia?

Nature Colombia offers specialized tours that include bird watching tours, sport fishing, and wildlife viewing. It has a group of trained guides with lots of experience, as well as a staff of administrative personnel professionally supporting each of the tours and providing full security. Nature Colombia travels to many of the  best birdwatching sites in the country like the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Serranía del Perijá, Chocó, and others. This includes various natural reserves that protect the important and vulnerable biological diversity of Colombia.

What our visitors say

Roger was a great guide. He is very capable in his knowledge of the birds but also displayed good maturity by keeping things running smoothly.

We were a mixed group with different levels of birding knowledge and physical capabilities.  Roger was very patient making sure all of us were able to enjoy the experience and making adjustments to plans as required.

He has inspired us to think about taking another trip with Nature Colombia and visit again this lovely country.

Thank you as well for your help in making this trip a reality.  Your support was appreciated.

Best wishes

Ann and Neil Gray

The outstanding work undertaken by more than one N.C. employee needs to be commended. During a recent visit to Colombia, a cancelled plane flight caused serious problems as my wife and I were trying to return home. Your people spent hours trying to get us rebooked (ultimately successful). This effort included many late night hours, special trips to the airport and a never-give-up attitude to get the task accomplished. We are most grateful for your work and we would be pleased to recommend your organization to anyone interested in nature travel to Colombia.
Thanks so very much.

Ted Reissing

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