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About Us

Nature Colombia

Nature Colombia is a leading bird watching company in Colombia with more than ten years of experience developing its outdoor programs, raising awareness among its internal and external clients about the country’s incredible biodiversity

Because of the great biodiversity and cultural richness, Nature Colombia has expanded to offer programs that mix nature and culture, allowing the visitor to enjoy all the attributes that make Colombia an amazing country.


Colombia is a birders paradise waiting to be discovered! With almost 20% of all birds on the planet (1,944 species), bird watching is one of the most fascinating activities to do in the country. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning to know your first species or if you have a list so long that you could be the next John James Audubon / Salim Ali / Claes-Göran Cederlund, because regardless of your level of experience, we can guide you through all Colombia in search of the most wonderful birds of a country considered to be one of the greatest birding destinations in the world.
Colombia is the country of herps! With 833 amphibian species and 599 of reptiles, the biodiversity that we can find in our territory is immensely broad. Because thanks to a great variety of ecosystems, different forms of wildlife can adapt in the best way to our country, wildlife, which fortunately you can see up close with us. Guided by expert local guides, you will have the chance to take excellent photographs of the most incredible species of herps, including the Golden Poison Frog (Phyllobates terribilis), the most poisonous frog in the world.
Communities & Culture
Many of our tours are made in remote areas of Colombia where our best allies are the communities that live there. That is why we believe that in order for our business and our country to advance, we must work together with the communities. we must work together with the communities. For this reason, we have undertaken several projects in conservation in different areas of the country as alternative and sustainable source of work in birding and wildlife. In addition, several of these communities, which have undertaken their own projects in which highlight the best of Colombian culture, are part of some of our tours. A way to give the opportunity to those who travel with us, to approach a bit in the most genuine way to different cultural expressions of Colombia.


Nature Colombia goal is to consolidate ourselves as the best ecotourism company for experiencing wildlife, in order to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing number of tourists that come to Colombia in search of endemic or little-known species in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Nature Colombia is based on the premise of ensuring the total satisfaction of its visitors, maintaining fair prices, minimizing environmental and social impacts, offering itineraries tailored to the needs of customers and operating in new and different destinations.


Trevor Ellery

Roger Rodríguez Ardila
Roger is a Biologist, interested in birding since a very young age. After finishing his B.S. at Tolima University in Ibagué- Colombia, he engaged to work in research projects aim to study the bird’s ecological guilds in the Central Andes and breeding biology of birds in the pacific coast of Colombia. In 2014, he became a Bird Watching Guide in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and worked there for 2 years before became a Nature Colombia Bird Guide since 2017.
Roger have guided birding tours in 28 out of the 32 Colombia´s departments. He also gained a strong appreciation for frogs and snakes.

Ángela Gómez

Co-Founder and Manager

Angela Gómez is an Environmental and Natural Resources Administrator by profession. Her passion for the Nature led her to discover the world of birds. Since 2008 she directed the first birding agency that supported conservation for birds in Colombia and in 2015 she founded Nature Colombia together with her partner Luisa Conto, being the first women in Colombia to create an agency dedicated to the observation of birds and wildlife.
Now from Nature Colombia she is committed to make bird watching more supportive of local communities and to make visible those productive projects of women who are excluded due to the dynamics of bird watching tours.
In her time away from the office she loves to travel with her 10 year old daughter.

Luisa Fernanda Conto
Commercial director
I have a degree in Tourism and Hotel Business Administrator with a Specialization in Service Management. 10 years ago, through my professional path, I got to know the world of birdwatching and now, I hardly want to leave it.
I have had the opportunity to see how responsible tourism supports the development of the community and it is an effective strategy for the conservation and growth of the local economy.
As Commercial director of Nature Colombia, I have known the most incredible natural places of my country and I feel more and more passionate about sharing it with the world. I have learned to appreciate biodiversity, natural landscapes and the cultural richness of our environment.
I hope to continue serving, from my profession, to the construction of the Country.

Yadi Neuta
She have been working for Nature Colombia SAS since 2016 as an Accounting Assistant, she has extensive experience in the entire accounting process, a responsible person, dedicated to her work, she is a Professional Technician. She was born in El Colegio (Cund.) She likes to read, update herself on the topics that concern her work. She enjoys spending time with her family during her leisure time. She loves to enjoy nature, appreciate the landscapes, plants, birds, animals in general, which are the greatest wealth that Colombia has; she loves her country.

Angélica Maria Caicedo

Operations Coordinator

Publicist, 6 years of experience in the position, she finds ecotourism fascinating and the infinite alternatives of destinations that there are to visit in Colombia.

Manuel Ricardo Melo Ospina
Certified public accountant(CPA), specialized in Tax Law. With experience in auditing, tax auditing and management of the accounting area in public and private institutions in the country.
He is the responsible for coordinating the financial area of ​​NATURE COLOMBIA SAS., especially in relation to preparing financial statements, budgets and cash flows, tax planning and monitoring compliance with accounting, tax and administrative policies.
Despite not being within the operational area of ​​the Company, the experiences of tourism and readings regarding the subject have managed to develop a taste for this activity.