Mataveni River Tour

Tour length: 08 days

Limit: 10 People

Dates: January 09 to 16 2018; February 20 to 27 2018; March 6 to 13 2018


DAY 1: The flight is scheduled to leave Bogota at 8:56 am and arrive in the city of Inírida at 10.38am. We will go to the pier and start our trip to the Selva Mataven shelter on the banks of the Orinoco River in the Vichada Department which will last approximately two hours, we will travel in a few large boats approximately 30 feet long that have a motor outside Border of more than 100 hp that allows to take quickly and comfortably to a group of 10 fishermen with their luggage. Once the group arrives at the mouth of the Mataveni in the Orinoco, the boatmen who are an indigenous community gather the visitors and take them to the camp the approximate time will be 2 hours of travel. The fishing takes place in the “bongos” (Long metal boats of about 30 feet) with outboard motors of 40 hp. In these bongos can fish two fishermen at the same time comfortably without their lines crossing. Once we get to our camp that is equipped (a tent for fisherman, dining room, kitchen, electric plant, refrigerator) we can start fishing.

DAY 2 TO 7:  Fishing all day. These five days will fish in the pipe, in each boat are two fishermen and the guide or captain of the boat and species to capture are the tucunare or peacock bass (in this river there are three different species of pavones, including the reaching larger Is scientifically known as cichla temensis, the payara or puppy, piranhas or Caribbean, cachamas, catfish striped, cajaro or tararira, agujeto, fish dog, yamú and moncholo.

DAY 8: Very early in the morning We will start our return to the city of Inirida, have lunch and start our return to the city of Bogota.



>Bogota-Inirida-Bogota airfare tickets.

>Food (All meals)

>Permanent hydration and ice.

>Land and river transport.

>Boat for fishing by two fishermen, boat of personnel and boat of load.

>Accommodation in individual room (hotel and camps).

>Fully equipped camp: Tents, hammocks, mattresses, pillows, sheets, tableware and kitchenware, refrigerators, tables, chairs, electric plant, sanitary units, etc.

>Personnel: Head of Guide, community coordinator, campentero, cook, kitchen helper, local fluvial guide by fishing boat, personal boat driver and boat loader.

>Local guides.

>Income rights to indigenous communities

>Contributions to communities (Elders, captains, acquaintances, council and shelter)

>Tourist and hotel insurance.



> Extra and overweight baggage: Each passenger can carry a luggage of maximum 15 kilos (30 lb.) and a 5-kilo (10 lb.) hand luggage. It is forbidden to take the reeds to hand, so we advise you to wear them very well protected your equipment.

>Unspecified alcoholic beverages.

>Fishing equipment.