Grallaria, a bird hidden from the eyes of the unwary

The birds of the genus (Grallaria and Grallaricula) known as tororois in spanish and antpitta in english are really difficult to see. The few people who manage to tell the story talk about the second of delight felt when they glance the fleeting image of its silhouette in the dark forest.

Tororois are birds that, because of their cryptic behavior (hidden in the vegetation), size and light plumage (with brown and / or olive colors) often pass unnoticed before the trained eye of the birdwatcher. This is because nature designed this strategy to protect them from predators.

Currently in Colombia we have 16 species of Grallaria and five species of the genus Grallaricula, many of them endemic to this country.

Thanks to recent tours we’ve made in Colombia, our guides have developed the skills necessary to ensure that our customers observe and experiment with these hidden beings of the forest. Thanks to the troughs that can be found currently in many protected areas, it has become easier to spot the fabled tororois.

These birds will always be sought after by the birders and that´s why Nature Colombia strives in order to make their observation possible.

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