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Nature Colombia is a leading bird watching company in Colombia with ten years of experience developing its outdoor programs, in order to raise awareness among its internal and external clients about the potential of the country’s biodiversity. It is characterized by maintaining a friendly business relationship with those with whom it works and fulfilling the agreements made.

Nature Colombia Iniciative

Nature Colombia was born after 10 years of hard work doing bird watching with EcoTurs. Our goal is to consolidate ourselves as the best ecotourism company for fishing and experiencing wildlife, in order to satisfy the needs of an ever growing number of tourists that come to Colombia in search of endemic or little known species in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Nature Colombia is based on the premise of ensuring the total satisfaction of its visitors, maintaining fair prices, minimizing environmental and social impacts, offering itineraries tailored to the needs of customers and operating in new and different destinations.

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Tufted Tit-Tyrant

NATURE COLOMBIA SAS is committed to providing tourists with travel experiences that allow them to enjoy the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Colombia. We strive for excellent service and the highest standards of quality and safety, contributing to the preservation of nature and traditions, the development of the rural communities visited and generating a better quality of life for our employees.

NATURE COLOMBIA SAS designs and operates itineraries based on our values: compliance, honesty, teamwork and trust. We comply with the laws against exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism of children and young people and other norms of each destination. Our tourists interact with locals and enjoy the destination in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way; this is achieved by using local guides with great experience and knowledge of the destination, who encourage our clients to be respectful and take care of the ancestral, cultural and natural heritage of the places visited. Moreover by involving projects that contribute to local development and preservation of the environment, such as lodging our clients in nature reserves where we know that part of our payment for the service is reinvested in the conservation of birds and their habitat and hiring suppliers from each community, thus making the money invested encourage local development.

Nature Colombia is committed to the development and promotion of responsible tourism in Colombia.

Our Guides

Trevor Ellery - Nature Colombia

Trevor Ellery

Specialized guide

Originally from Hampshire in the UK Trevor Ellery spent time living and birding in Israel and Ecuador before settling in Colombia in 2008. Trevor has led numerous birding trip across Colombia and has also taken part in various expeditions to its remotest corners with the ProAves NGO. A keen photographer, sound recordist and passionate conservationist. Trevor has also travelled extensively in South America and has guided tours in Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil, as well as making private trips to Peru. Trevor also holds a BA Hons in History and English Literature and has a keen interest in mammals, butterflies and dragonflies.

Roger rodriguez - bird watching field guides - nature colombia

Roger Rodríguez Ardila

Specialized guide

Roger is a Biologist, interested in birding since a very young age. After finishing his B.S. at Tolima University in Ibagué- Colombia, he started to work for some research projects aim to study the birds ecological guilds in the Central Andes and breeding biology of birds in the pacific coast of Colombia. In 2014, he became a bird guide in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Now days, his interest ranges from wildlife illustration to science communication

Andres Trujillo

Andres Trujillo

Specialized guide

Andres has a lot of experience as a guide and his passion for birds is astounding. He has more than a decade of experience as a guide and a naturalist in the the Amazon Rainforest. He’s been working for us 4 years.


Oswaldo Cortes

Specialized guide

He has been working on the investigation and conservation of endemic birds in Colombia, specializing on hummingbirds. He has designed and conducted several Birdwatching tours in Colombia and he has recently ventured into the observation of frogs and orchids in order to show the beautiful natural beauty of Colombia.

Diana Balcazar

Diana Balcazar

Specialized guide

Guide to the Savanna of Bogotá and other regions of Colombia. The love of birds and a strongly felt commitment to their conservation led her to become a birdwatching guide as well as an environmental journalist. She stands out beacause of her dedication, enthusiasm and charisma.


Angela Gomez - Nature Colombia

Angela Gómez


She is the environmental manager of the ecotourism area. She enjoys her work because she considers that it contributes to the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity in a sustainable manner and in an educational context.

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Luisa Fernanda Conto

International Marketing Manager

Tourism and Hotel Manager with experience coordinating and operating tourist trips to Colombia. Since she started working in ecotourism she has discovered it’s a lifestyle and she’s grateful to be able to share her knowledge on tourism to work for conservation in Colombia.

Angelica Caicedo - nature colombia

Angélica María Caicedo

Operations Coordinator

Publicist, in a year of experience in the position, finds fascinating ecotourism and the infinite alternatives of destinations that are to travel through Colombia.


Yadi Amanda Neuta

Accounting assistant

She has more than a decade of experience in accounting. She’s fiercely committed to managing the accounting and financial processes of the company.